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Top Selling Toyota Cars – Remarkable Cars for the Indian Roads


Toyota, a Japanese carmaker, is one of the most respected names in the field of automotives. Toyota cars are known for their reliability and great performance all across the world. The very name Toyota inspires a lot of confidence in the minds of buyers and it is no wonder that many customers prefer to buy the Toyota cars. In India also, people tend to prefer Toyota cars to some other foreign brands.

Some of the top selling Toyota cars in India are the following:

Toyota Etios Liva – A hatchback to reckon with, the Liva is a wonderful performer from the Japanese carmaker. Available for a price range of INR 4.4 lakh to 6.9 lakh, the Liva is a compact car that suits the needs of a city dweller.

Toyota Etios – This sedan is one of the top-sold models in the segment. Space, performance and reliability are the qualities that put the Etios a notch above some of its rivals. Available for an ex-showroom price range of INR 5.38 lakh to 8.07 lakh, the Etios is competitively priced too.

Etios Cross – A recent entry into the fleet of Toyota, the Etios cross is a blend of hatchback and SUV. Though its basic design language is similar to that of Liva, the appearance is somewhat different. Toyota Etios Cross price is INR 5.76 lakh to 7.40 lakh, the Etios Cross is a good hatchback to own.

Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota Innova – The Innova is the most popular car to have rolled out of the stables of Toyota in India. Launched as a replacement to the highly successful Qualis, the Innova has not let down the maker. The most popular MUV, Innova is available at a price tag of INR 10.10 lakh to 14.92 lakh.

Toyota Corolla Altis – This is a sedan from Toyota, priced at a range of INR 11.99 to 16.89. Though it is not as good a best seller as the Innova and Etios, Altis also has a place of its own in the Indian car market.

Toyota Fortuner – This premium SUV is the favourite car of people who can afford to buy vehicles in that class. Priced at INR 22.25 lakh to 23.88 lakh, the Fortuner is more popular on the streets of India than some of its rivals are.

Toyota Camry – A best-seller car in the world, the Camry has had only a reasonable success in India. It carries a premium feel and comes at a price of INR 25.08 to 29.12 lakh.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado – This is a luxury SUV from Toyota and is priced at INR 84 lakh and above.

Toyota Land Cruiser – This super-luxury SUV, priced at INR 11334569/- is also a best-seller from Toyota.

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